Whenever you are creating a wedding photo album, it is critical to do you research, pick out the right photos, and get everything organized. Creating a wedding photo album is actually just as important as taking the wedding photos. In this article, we will be going over some wedding album design tips that you should implement into your design process.

Some Wedding Album Design Tips:

1. Black/White or Color.

One of the first things that you are going to want to do when you are attempting to design your album is choose what kind of album you want to make. Do you want your album to be primarily consisting of black and white photos? Or do you want to display a ton of color in your album? A lot of this is going to depend on the shots that you got and also based on the amount of color you had in your entire wedding. If your wedding is bright and colorful, your pictures are going to come out better displaying the color. Whereas, if you are going for a much more classic and contemporary wedding, you might want to opt for the black and white photos as they will look much more classic and timeless.

2. Let Your Photos Be.

Another thing that you are going to want to make sure that you do is let your photos be. You do not want to consistently tinker with your photos. Instead, you will want to choose the right ones and let them be. Do not try to be too fancy with all of the different design things you can do with them on Photoshop or other creative design programs.

3. Think About The Events In Order.

Another thing that you are going to want to make sure that you do is think about how the entire wedding played out in chronological order. You do not want to consistently jump around in your wedding album from the end of the wedding to the beginning. Instead, you want to be sure that your album is going to play the right way and that you are going to be able to have the wedding go from start to finish. With that being said, that does not necessarily mean that you cannot take one of your favorite photos from the ceremony and place it in the beginning of your album. Feel free to move around your favorite photo(s).

4. Have The Right Photos.

Be sure to include all of the photos of the important moments. You want to be sure that you have all of the critical moments in the ceremony and wedding because these are the moments that you are going to want to look back on and enjoy. By having these moments in your photo album, you will be able to capture the moment forever.

5. Place Your Album In A Good Spot.

Once your album is finished, you should place it in a good spot in your home. Make sure there is easy access to it so your guests or yourself can enjoy it once in a while.

Your wedding photo album is something that many couples look back on and wish they could redo. This is because they did not take the necessary amount of time in order to do it properly. In order to be able to look back on your photo album and be happy about how it turned out, you will need to focus on putting the necessary amount of effort into it. In this article, we will be going over some of the different tips that you should utilize when you are attempting to create your wedding photo album to ensure that you are able to enjoy it for years on end.

Tips For Creating Your Wedding Photo Album:

1. Match Your Album Size.

The first thing that you should consider is the size of your photo album. The size of your photo album should directly correlate with the size of your actual wedding. An intimate and shorter wedding would not need as many pictures as something like a 4 day event. You do not have to overfill your album as it is not going to help it look better. All, you will want to be sure that you also order a proof book of all of the shots from your wedding.

2. Think About Your Walls.

You will want to make sure that the prints that you choose to put up on your walls are also in your album. You can pick from your favorite shots of the day and the shots that you connect with the most in order to choose wisely.

3. Be Sure To Have Key Photos.

Another thing that you are going to want to do is make sure that you have the most key photos from your wedding. You want to be sure that you have photos of the key moments such as when the bride or groom are walking down the aisle, the exchange of the rings, the first kiss, and the overall theme of the actual ceremony. These are all of the most important shots that you need to be sure you have and also the shots you need to include in your photo album.

4. Organize It.

Another important thing that you are going to need to do is organize it so that everything is organized properly. Some people make the mistake of laying out too many photos on one page or making the spread to cluttered. By focusing on organizing the photo album, you will be able to avoid doing this and messing up the entire look and feel of it. Try to focus on getting 2 photos per spread (max). This is going to help the overall look and feel of your album.

As you can see, there is plenty that you must consider when you are attempting to put together your wedding photo album. Be sure that you focus on implementing the tips above to come up with an album that makes you happy every time you look at it.

Having a lot of great photos can be fun and something you will appreciate, but that does not mean you will be good to go at all. In fact, all that is going to mean is that you have something to work with in order to get proper results.

To actually get the results that you crave, you will have to call in the pros and make sure they are able to create the canvas prints that will make everyone’s jaw drop.

Here are some of the key advantages that you will love about canvas prints.


The simplicity of an option is often undervalued by customers because they have not gone through the process before. If that is a position that you are going to find yourself in, the best way to go would be to remain calm and go with the simple option.

This is the only way you should be able to get going and remain on the right path. If you are not able to do this, you are just not going to appreciate the value that is needed. Always begin here and then move forward.


The process will be organized and that is always a plus point for those who are all over the place and need something that is in place right away. Most of these things are not looked into as much as they should be.

What happens is people get careless and they don’t get the prints that they have always wanted. It does not have to be this way as long as you are going with the best of the best on the market. This is when you will have the kind of prints that are going to bring a real smile to your face.

Premium Quality

Isn’t the quality what you are paying for? Well, if that is what you are paying for, it better be as good as you want it to be. If the quality is not great, the rest is going to fall apart on you. The prints are just not going to have the oomph to them that you might have wanted.

These are always worries that you are going to have moving forward when you should not.

Quality should be the starting point of what you are doing and what you are getting.

It is these prints that are going to bring you to your feet in terms of how great they will look. Other choices that you might have been contemplating are just not going to have the ‘it’ factor to them. These prints are made to wow and that is what you are going to be doing when it comes to the prints that are on offer. There is nothing that is as good as it should be in this regard and that is why you have to remain patient moving forward. Too many people don’t even mull over this and that is what bothers them.

Creating a perfect wedding album can be quite a daunting task. Weddings are some of the most important events in our lives, and the photo album that depicts that joyous day is very important. Great pictures will offer you a great way to look back into the wedding day’s festivities and the details about the ceremony.

Personalized Wedding Album
This is quite different from a standard wedding album in that, you can essentially design it according to your preferences. You can therefore design the cover to include your favorite photograph, and even choose between three or more different sizes of your album. Alternatively, you could go for a photobook that will negate the need to mount each picture on an album, but have them printed on the high-grade pages of the photo book.

Custom Covers
The first step of creating a beautiful wedding memento is customizing your personal wedding album cover. The standard design of photo albums lets you choose to have a single photo printed on both the front and back covers, though you will often have to pay extra and choose an extra photo to be printed at the back instead. The orientation and the size of the photos will depend on the design of the album itself.

Other Design Ideas
There are several sizes for photo albums available. The large photo albums are a great choice for wedding photos and you can choose to have them in landscape or in portrait prints. They usually hold photos of large sizes up to 10’ x 8’ and a photo of this size can be used for the cover photo. The large photo album can take 100 sides of self- mounted photos or more.

Medium sized photo albums can hold photos of up to 8’ x 6’ in dimensions, and the size of the cover photo should be of this size too. Such photo books are usually printed in landscape, therefore landscape wedding photos work best here. There are about 60 sides, which can be customized by mounting your specific photo selections.

The small albums can hold photos of 6’ x 4’ in size and the same on the cover. Each of the 60 sides available can hold this size too, and this album is usually designed for use with landscape photographs.

Presentation Boxes
When the wedding album design is complete, you can choose whether to have a presentation box with your order or not. You may want to protect your special wedding album from damage and dirt, since you might have had it made with expensive materials. Some are made with high quality Italian ivory color paper, tough satin cover, and parchment tissue inter-leaves, to last for decades. However, a presentation box will further increase it’s durability, by preventing physical damage from accidental falls and spills.

A good wedding photo album tells a story; a story about a great relationship the couple shares with one another, and the family relationships with a bond of two core families. Tell your story with a beautifully crafted wedding album design!

Once your wedding is over and your photographer has finally sent you your CD that is full of all the photos taken at your wedding, it is often a special time to see your fantastic day over again. You will probably find that there are many amazing pictures and this is when it may become a bit of a difficult task to choose which ones will be best for your wedding photo album.

The Best Types Of Albums Will Tell A Story

This does not mean a second-by-second account of every pose and smile, but rather highlights of the day from the start to the end. Choose photos that will ensure you will remember your day for many years to come.

Vary Your Choice

Photographers will typically take many photographs. This means that you often end up with pictures that are very similar. To avoid choosing replicas for your wedding photo album, choose the best from every part of the day. Some pictures to consider will begin with you getting ready, arriving at your wedding reception, the reception and whatever may follow from there.

Allow Enough Space For Your Photos

When you try to place too many photos on one page, the smaller the photos will be and the page will appear messy. Professional companies allow for what is known as “lay-flat” pages that allows for photos that can be displayed across a spread. This means you can really make your photos bigger which causes a visually appealing impact when your album is viewed by others.

Thinks About Contrast And Color

Factors that involve colors such as vivid green grass, blue crisp skies or even guests who may be wearing loud and bright colors have the ability to make your photos really stand out. Contrast your brightly colored photos with indoor darker photos or black and white pictures.

Choosing Photos For The Front And The Back Cover

Make sure that the photo you choose for the front of the album is simple and appealing. An example would be your wedding dress along with a brightly colored bouquet. Choose a black and white pic if you are searching for a more classical looking wedding photo album. The back cover of your album should feature a photo that ends off your wedding day and completes the story.


Any professional album company that offers a design service will not be concerned whether your photographs have been taken in landscape or a portrait version. They will make sure that the design works and flows.

Smiling For The Camera

Once you have made a choice on the photos you would like to use in your album. Go over the photos one more time to ensure that each person is looking engaged and happy.

Quality Pictures

Make sure you choose quality photographs. You can ensure that photos are good quality by enlarging them on your computer screen to ensure they do not pixelate or blur. Take the time to ensure you choose the exact photos that will tell the story of your wedding day in the best way possible.